Become a Sponsor

Do you offer a good or service that would benefit our members?  If so, consider joining INreia as a Vendor Member or Sponsor:


Individuals and companies that offer a good or service that will aid or be beneficial to members of INreia. The good or service need not be related to real estate investing, but it must be safe, ethical and lawful. If INreia determines that it is no longer mutually beneficial for a Sponsor to be part of this program, then INreia may terminate the sponsorship and refund to the Sponsor a pro-rated amount of the annual fee.

A Sponsor must sign and agree to honor INreia’s Ethic’s Code.


INreia currently offers just one level of Sponsorship at an annual cost of $250. However, from time to time, INreia may offer its sponsors additional opportunities to sponsor events, websites, web pages, etc.


Our Sponsor program is designed to do two things: (1) give Sponsors many opportunities to reach our growing membership base, and (2) give Sponsors an opportunity to attract new clients and customers by demonstrating the Sponsor’s expertise in a particular field. INreia believes that one of the best ways for Sponsors to attract clients and customers is to give valuable training and education to members, thereby showing the Sponsor is a leader in its particular field or industry.


From time to time, INreia will adjust the features of a sponsorship with the hope of improving the communications with INreia members and providing more value to Sponsors.   Here’s what our sponsors currently receive:

  • A table to display marketing materials at monthly meetings
  • Quarterly two-minute elevator pitch at INreia meetings
  • Vendor listing in INreia monthly newsletters
  • Vendor listing on INreia website
  • Link from newsletter and website to vendor website
  • Once / year vendor may publish an article in the newsletter
  • Unlimited approved content articles posted to the website (blog)
  • Opportunity to teach a class at a meeting if content approved by INreia Board