We have a full agenda for our meeting TUESDAY NIGHT-  AUGUST 10th.

Tax Sales  & Wealth Development Using Self-Directed IRAs

TAX SALES – Are you planning to attend the Marion County Tax Sale on October 8th & 9th? Do you want to understand how the process works or just need a refresher? Don’t miss this meeting, as Brenda Flatter, Executive Director of National Sales for Meridian Title Corporation, joins us to talk about tax sales and ways you can utilize this strategy in your real estate investment business. Attorney Drew Strobel, from Griffith Law Group LLC, will also be providing an update on a new law in Indiana that effectively repealed the redemption period for vacant and abandoned homes.

SELF-DIRECTED IRAs  — Are you finding great real estate deals but few financing opportunities? Has the stock market turned your 401(k) into a 201(k), making you unsure about retirement? Are you concerned about impending tax hikes decimating your income? Then don’t miss Edwin Kelly, CEO of Specialized IRA Services, as he talks about how you can jumpstart your self-directed IRA in 33 days even if you’ve never done a real estate deal! Whether you’re looking to create a legacy for your family that lasts multiple generations, or put your kids through college without having to work until you’re 90, join us to learn about this powerful financing tool.

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