AUGUST  MEETING – Navigating Tax Sales!

Broadmoor County Club- 2155 Kessler Blvd W Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46228

Our monthly meeting will be held on the 2nd Tuesday as normal- Tuesday, August 14th.  Open networking at 6:00 pm and the meeting at 6:30-8:00 pm.

NEXT MEETING TOPIC: Navigating Tax Sales

BONUS TOPIC FOR AUGUST- Power Networking & Team Building

Because we have so many members asking about Team Building & Networking, we are adding a topic to our August monthly meeting.  We’re going to show you, through demonstrations and group exercises, how to find the buyers, sellers, deal partners, lenders, brokers, professionals and other people to add to your Team.  (HINT-  Those people come to every INreia meeting.  You just need to meet them.)  It’s through networking that you’ll create the relationships you need to find the properties, people, information and resources to be a huge success in real estate.  Everyone needs other people to do business deals successfully, and this meeting will include practical suggestions and real-world examples of how to fully engage in Power Networking & Team Building.

Tax Sales

We will also provide some important information about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Tax Sales.  Tax sales offer opportunities to acquire properties in ways you may have never imagined.  We will devote most of our teaching time on this topic talking about strategies for tax sales and some of the reasons tax sales might not be your best option.  We’ll give you the Good, Bad & Ugly about tax sales, and will briefly touch on other similar public property sales.

August is going to be a big meeting with tons of information, so bring a pen and plenty of paper for taking notes!

Finally, plan to hang around for a little while afterward for our “Meeting After The Meeting.” Many folks stay after to network and share deals over a drink/dinner at Broadmoor’s lounge, which is just down the hall from where our meeting takes place.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the August INREIA meeting!

Have a great day,


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What is INreia?

INreia is the Indiana Real Estate Investor’s Association.  We are a group of real estate investors, professionals and tradesmen, dedicated to fostering a safe, friendly environment to learn about investing, trade information, buy-sell & trade deals, and better ourselves as real estate investors.Our members include novices, seasoned-professionals, and investors of every experience and skill level.  Our commonality is that we believe that every real estate deal should be fair, lawful and ethical.  Read our Ethics Code to learn more about us.

We meet monthly.  Our meetings are FREE.
We currently do not charge membership dues, but we do offer vendor memberships or sponsorships.





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24 thoughts on “AUGUST MEETING – AUGUST 14th”

  1. Checking to see if there is a June meeting scheduled? I’m looking for an REIA to join.

  2. I’m interested in becoming a vendor. I work for NEXT Moving & Storage. We are a new moving company and can assist with moves in Indiana. We are looking to expand throughout the US. We have insurance and are bonded. Our services range from packing to loading and moving.

    Thank you for your time!

  3. Please email me upcoming event scheduled. We are interested in becoming a sponsor and rent a booth at your next expo.

  4. Hi, I have a buy and hold property under contract that I would like to wholesale out. Its in the Chapel Hill area of Indianapolis. I can’t afford to keep it but its a good deal for sure. PP: $65,500 Can Rent For $1,200/month. Purchasing from homeowner that ran into some issues and needs to sell quickly. Let me know if anyone is interested. I can email out the investor packet.

  5. I am interested in becoming a vendor member. We opened up a new franchise in Fishers back in Jan of this year. We are America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service and cover basically ALL of central Indiana. We do both commercial and residential jobs from real estate cleanouts, office cleanouts, to construction debris removal as well as appliance removal.

  6. I am an out-of-state investor investing in Indianapolis. Can anyone recommend a real estate accountant and a real estate lawyer located in Indiana?


  7. My name is Debbie Mac and my husband and I are new members and missed Tuesday’s meeting. We are in desperate need to talk to someone please contact me at 317-918-3369. My husband and I remodel houses or build new ones. We are trying to save our house that we have less than a year to pay on. It is a contract purchase

  8. Hi Debbie. I tried calling you, but there was no answer. You may call my law office, if you still need help. 317-663-0650.

    Matthew A. Griffith, Esq.

  9. Good morning, I’m a novice in the Real Estate industry and working my way into wholesaling first. I found a home owner that would like to sell her property. My only two discrepancies are: I need help with the paper work to make sure it’s done properly and finding more cash buyers. Some help would be great.

  10. Hi again.

    If you would like a free 15-minute consultation, I’d be happy to help you. Call my law office to set up a telephone consultation time.

    Attorney Matthew A. Griffith- 317-663-0650

  11. My name is Dan Matya with Barnett Capital out of Chicago. We specialize in funding purchase and rehabs, refinances, and auctions with no points at closing. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. I would be glad to discuss your project with you!

    Dan Matya

  12. I have a property for sale in Marion, IN
    Needs a full rehab. In a great location near hospital. Looking for a local investor that is looking to take on a fix & flip project.

    419 W Nelson St.
    Marion, IN

    Make me a reasonable offer!

  13. I am not sure if you can help…I am looking for a list of wholesalers. We are looking for investment property wholesalers because we are in the market now to purchase Investment Property in your area. I am looking to call and meet new wholesalers or investment property wholesalers.

    Thank you so much for your help

  14. Sam, Come to our meeting next week, May 8th and you’ll be able to meet a whole lot of wholesalers!

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