APRIL 2020 Webinar:  Details to come!

The Changing Landscape of Short Term & Vacation Rentals-  Expert Panel Discussion with Tad Hunter and Jim Borthwick

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have postponed the INreia Social Meeting originally planned on Wednesday, April 15, 2020.


If you have any questions or ideas for the INreia Board Members prior to the meeting, please find us on FacebookMeetUp, and LinkedIn. Or, become a member today for free! 

Thank you,
The INreia Board



February Webinar with John Hyre –Check it out here!

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This Month’s Article:

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS & DEEDS from our friends at Griffith Xidias Law:

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What is INreia?

INreia is the Indiana Real Estate Investor’s Association.  We are a group of real estate investors, professionals and tradesmen, dedicated to fostering a safe, friendly environment to learn about investing, trade information, buy-sell & trade deals, and better ourselves as real estate investors.Our members include novices, seasoned-professionals, and investors of every experience and skill level.  Our commonality is that we believe that every real estate deal should be fair, lawful and ethical.  Read our Ethics Code to learn more about us.

We meet monthly.  Our meetings are FREE.
We currently do not charge membership dues, but we do offer vendor memberships or sponsorships.


Check out our Meetups!

Legally Speaking – 3rd Tuesdays

Legally Speaking is a monthly meet-up sponsored by the attorneys at Griffith Xidias Law Group, during which important concepts impacting real estate transactions and investing are discussed.

The meeting lasts about 1.5 hours and is held at 6:00 pm at 777 Beachway Drive, Suite 102, Indianapolis.

Agents & Investments – 3rd Wednesdays

The Agents & Investment Deals meetup is a networking and educational group that meets monthly for the sole purpose of helping Real Estate Agents close more deals (i.e. make more money) working with Investors/Investment Deals.

The Business Behind Flipping – 4th Tuesdays

This Meetup is for active real estate investors who are already doing deals, but they want to scale their business to a higher level and escape the grind!



52 thoughts on “APRIL MEETING!”

  1. Checking to see if there is a June meeting scheduled? I’m looking for an REIA to join.

  2. I’m interested in becoming a vendor. I work for NEXT Moving & Storage. We are a new moving company and can assist with moves in Indiana. We are looking to expand throughout the US. We have insurance and are bonded. Our services range from packing to loading and moving.

    Thank you for your time!

  3. Please email me upcoming event scheduled. We are interested in becoming a sponsor and rent a booth at your next expo.

  4. Hi, I have a buy and hold property under contract that I would like to wholesale out. Its in the Chapel Hill area of Indianapolis. I can’t afford to keep it but its a good deal for sure. PP: $65,500 Can Rent For $1,200/month. Purchasing from homeowner that ran into some issues and needs to sell quickly. Let me know if anyone is interested. I can email out the investor packet.

  5. I am interested in becoming a vendor member. We opened up a new franchise in Fishers back in Jan of this year. We are America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service and cover basically ALL of central Indiana. We do both commercial and residential jobs from real estate cleanouts, office cleanouts, to construction debris removal as well as appliance removal.

  6. I am an out-of-state investor investing in Indianapolis. Can anyone recommend a real estate accountant and a real estate lawyer located in Indiana?


  7. My name is Debbie Mac and my husband and I are new members and missed Tuesday’s meeting. We are in desperate need to talk to someone please contact me at 317-918-3369. My husband and I remodel houses or build new ones. We are trying to save our house that we have less than a year to pay on. It is a contract purchase

  8. Hi Debbie. I tried calling you, but there was no answer. You may call my law office, if you still need help. 317-663-0650.

    Matthew A. Griffith, Esq.

  9. Good morning, I’m a novice in the Real Estate industry and working my way into wholesaling first. I found a home owner that would like to sell her property. My only two discrepancies are: I need help with the paper work to make sure it’s done properly and finding more cash buyers. Some help would be great.

  10. Hi again.

    If you would like a free 15-minute consultation, I’d be happy to help you. Call my law office to set up a telephone consultation time.

    Attorney Matthew A. Griffith- 317-663-0650

  11. My name is Dan Matya with Barnett Capital out of Chicago. We specialize in funding purchase and rehabs, refinances, and auctions with no points at closing. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. I would be glad to discuss your project with you!

    Dan Matya

  12. I have a property for sale in Marion, IN
    Needs a full rehab. In a great location near hospital. Looking for a local investor that is looking to take on a fix & flip project.

    419 W Nelson St.
    Marion, IN

    Make me a reasonable offer!

  13. I am not sure if you can help…I am looking for a list of wholesalers. We are looking for investment property wholesalers because we are in the market now to purchase Investment Property in your area. I am looking to call and meet new wholesalers or investment property wholesalers.

    Thank you so much for your help

  14. Sam, Come to our meeting next week, May 8th and you’ll be able to meet a whole lot of wholesalers!

  15. I am a new person on the Block trying to get into real estate I’m interested in rehabbing properties but I may need some advice on inspecting the properties to make sure that their secure can I get assistance with that and the funding to remodel the house

  16. I’m interested in rehabbing properties for sale can I get assistance in inspecting the properties to make sure that they’re safe and can I have investment funding to rehab the properties

  17. Dear Investor,

             We are a new wholesaling team looking to help you find great Investment opportunities. We are looking for serious cash buyers or investors who are looking for Real Estate in the Indianapolis area, who are wanting monthly cash flow properties.  

       If you would like us to add you to our contact list, please send us an email so we can discuss your particular necessities and/or requirements.

        We Thank You in advance and are looking forward to hearing back from you.

                  Marcus and Chelsea

  18. I am looking for an investor to purchase my home. Hoping to move into 55 and older apt. The up keep is getting to be to much. Are you able to send me a few names of investors that I could talk with. Home is in Decatur township, southwest side of indianapolis. I can be reached at 317 509 5038. Thank you

  19. My name is Charlie Fitzgerald and I own REI Investor Funds, LLC. We fund fix/flip and buy/hold projects in 44 states. Indiana is one of them. I live in Goshen, IN. I deploy my own capital as well as capital of friends and also have access to unlimited amounts of institutional capital. We will consider projects from $40,000 to $4,000,000. We are easy to work with and will work with new investors and seasoned investors as well.

    Our website is:. Reiinvestorfunds.com
    You can call me personally anytime for assistance or to run a deal by me you are considering. My global number is:
    (800) 843-8650 xt. 110

    You can also email me at:

    We would love to work with you.

    No Hassle –
    Unlimited Capital –
    35 years of experience

    Let me know if we can be of service.

  20. We always have a list of Rent to own, Low down payment homes as well as wholesale deals. 317-210-4818

  21. I am looking to get into wholesaling , but have limited funds. Would anyone be interested in me as an assistance to finding deals? If some call Willie at 317-938-1114.

  22. My partner and I are real estate investors with access to off-market properties throughout the US (we are out of state so unable to attend your meetings). We’re looking for cash buyers for all types of assets (hotels, sfh, commercial, land etc.). We currently have a portfolio of 34 x 3 bed/2 bath sfh in Indianapolis, cosmetic rehab required. Please email me at sdsteves99@gmail.com if interested in this or other opportunities. We can look for something to suit your criteria!
    Thanks, Shauna

  23. My company was automatically renewed for sponsorship. Midwest Garage Door was a sponsor last year but was not put on the sponsor page. I am fine with being a sponsor but please add us to the sponsor page. Also it may be a good idea to have a contact page, email or phone number to have a way to contact you. Thank you.

  24. Hello everyone,
    Last night was my first INREIA meeting. I loved it! I can’t wait for the next meeting.
    Straight forward and honest. I am looking for a “mentor” to guide me with wholesaling and investing. I’m interested in multi-family homes. I’m brand new at this but dedicated. I learn fast and I’m willing help anyone who can help me out with the paperwork and legalities involved.

    Please email me TRTHOMPSON.TT@GMAIL.COM

  25. We are accepting a short sale on a COMMERCIAL PROPERTY in Wabash. Almost 5 Acres with lots of parking and a good 20,000 square foot building, with dry sprinkler system. Property is vacant. Owner can lease, sell etc. Quick sales pitch – On state road, (HI-15) with turn lane, light, dual entrance, smooth floor, high traffic flow and of course a great location! –
    Was listed for $1.8m. Owner will accept any offer for short sale.
    Call for info, 818-925-8191 Rick.

  26. Houses for sale:

    267 Miley Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
    – 2 Bedroom
    – 1 Bathroom
    – 1 Car Detached Garage
    – Unfinished Attic (Big enough for additional Room and Bonus
    – Dry Unfinished Basement
    – Fully Remodeled
    – $75K OBO
    3747 North Oxford Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46218
    – 3 Bedrooms
    – 2 Bathrooms
    – Dry Basement
    – Fireplace
    – Tri-Level Home
    – Needs rehabbed (Written estimate at $23,825.00)
    – 45K OBO

    (317) 617-4609

  27. GSI
    Im looking for investors who are interested in buying properties located in the Indiana area. Please Call 2194401189

  28. Hello,

    My name is Gianni, from EP Renovations. We’re looking to help investors in need of reputable remodeling/construction services in Indianapolis.

    We have great references from local investors and real estate agents.

    Should you need help remodeling any project, please feel free to contact us at 317-600-8473.

    Kid regards

  29. Looking to network with other investors, or anyone, that has prior experience investing/managing in apartment complex’s. Focus has been on 30+ to 100 unit complex’s.


  30. Hello I am an investor in Indiana and I have a few questions is there a contact us form.

    I want to ask before i decide to join

  31. Good morning,

    My name is Eric, I’ve recently sold my small company and am launching an Indianapolis based real estate wholesaling business…I’m starting by looking for cash buyers. I hope it’s OK, to ask / mention this request on this site. I will be joining INREIA and attending future events, but thought I’d start looking today.

  32. Is everyone here either a lender or seller in this group or are there any actual purchasers?

    Similar to the majority of other posters, I have wholesale properties & rentals for sale. We will seller finance to end buyers/investors in Indiana and about a dozen other state markets. Happy to speak with any purchasers on structuring a deal, happy to speak with any lenders on buying our notes or refinancing our borrowers positions.

    Please email me at: AADLER@EBURYCAP.COM



  33. Hello I am a wholesaler/investor who also works for a private school called World Changers School of the Arts, http://www.wcsarts.org. I would like to share more about what we do in hopes of getting your sponsorship. Our school is private and class sizes are small. I would love to share more at a meet up, possibly. We focus on entrepreneurship and the visual arts: dance, music, theatre, video production, broadcasting, to name a few. Real estate investing will also be taught in our entrepreneurship class, and we would love to sign up volunteers for our 2020 fall season. Hope to discuss more in detail.

    Thank you
    Farrah Brown

  34. Hi I’m a cash buyer interested in looking at deals to buy from wholesalers in and around the Indianapolis area. I buy and hold as rentals.
    My deal specs:
    Single family Residence (including townhouses)
    1950’s or newer
    Rehabs ok
    B or C class neighborhood
    60-70% or less of ARV (including rehab)
    I will need an inspection period but am able to close very quickly on the right deals.
    Call or text
    530 615 7602
    Email deals to: dboy770@icloud.com

  35. Randy,

    Thanks for the note. We’ve been operating by conducting monthly webinars and training sessions. Our Facebook page is a great way to interact with members. We are updating the website with other information as well. In person meetings have been postponed, however we did have a social event planned on April 15th for the Indy Eleven game. Thanks for the comment!

    -Andy von Harten

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